: Internal Auditing

Traditional auditing was designed to detect errors, not anticipate them. Today, problems arise quickly, often with devastating impact. When the greatest risk to value is not what has gone wrong, but what could go wrong, you need a forward-looking, risk-based approach to provide reliable assurances.


The scope and extent of internal audit is usually client-specific and is, therefore, rightly viewed by clients essentially as a value-added assignment. The underlying focus is on identification of the specific needs and risks of an enterprise and accordingly examining internal control framework not only to mitigate but also to manage a whole range of risks. In the process, the reports responding to the scope set by the client seek to highlight a broad spectrum of business issues and control features such as, sources of revenue enhancement and cost reduction potential and in consequence, identification of performance and profit improvement opportunities. No less significant is also the objective of enabling management to carry out properly and promptly their fiduciary and regulatory obligations.






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