: Human Resource Consulting

In the New Age business world - speed, technology and premium on quality are the key attributes for success in the corporate sector around the globe. Sheikh & Chaudhri is committed to enhancing corporate organizational capabilities that enable them to keep ahead of the competition and meet the changing demands of their business.


S & C provides a comprehensive range of human resource and business development services:

Executive Search: Complete executive selection and development services for management cadre positions. Our database contains an exclusive list of the best professional candidates available in Pakistan.


Organizational Analysis: Advice and technical assistance on restructuring of organizations due to expansion or reduction in business volumes is provided by us. Our approach includes assessment of the current and future business plans of the company and its organizational needs.


Outsourcing of HR Services: In an increasingly competitive corporate world where bottom line performance determines the survival or failure of a firm, outsourcing of selected HR services significantly reduces the company’s overheads. The key HR services that can be outsourced to S & C  include:

  1. Recruitment Services

  2. Training & Development

  3. Benefits Administration

Management Training and Development: Training is an essential part of all employees’ development. Our training courses are designed to harness and sharpen the skills and knowledge base of executives. Key features of our programs are:

  1. Organization wide assessment of training needs

  2. In-house general management courses specially designed to meet client needs

Compensation: Assist organizations in designing and reviewing their compensation and benefits policy. Assess their standing within the community or the industry through comparative data on compensation levels. S & C conducts industry-specific or cross industry salary surveys to enable you to keep your compensation program consistent with the market trends.


Outplacement: This service is specially designed for those organizations who are going through a process of downsizing, mergers or acquisitions resulting in separation of employees from the company. These processes cause extreme anxiety, emotional distress and insecurity among the employees, and hostility towards the company. If handled with care and sensitivity through proven Outplacement techniques, the organization can reduce this burden both on itself and its employees.

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